If you visit a doctor complaining of poor health, low energy, or trouble with weight loss, every doctor will ask you how often you are exercising and what you are eating. It is common knowledge now that what we eat can greatly impact our quality of life. A balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, low fat, low sugar, and a good amount of fiber and whole grains has many great benefits. One benefit is something that may lead to others, and that is a healthy colon. On the other hand, an unhealthy colon can lead to many illnesses, diseases, and possibly cancer. At Total Wellness TX, you can experience a natural method of cleansing your colon of harmful bacteria. A colonic cleanse or colon hydrotherapy is a method of clearing your intestine of harmful bacteria that can cause other health issues. Before you begin to experience dangerous illnesses, consider a colon detox at Total Wellness TX.

Find Out if Colon Hydrotherapy is Right For You

Autoimmune Diseases

Although the cause of autoimmune disease is unknown, it may be because of harmful bacteria in our bodies. Such diseases like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis occur when our body recognized healthy cells as harmful cells and begins to attack them.

Mental Health

It might not seem like digestion and the brain aren’t related, but with our bodies, everything is related one way other another. In our intestinal wall, there are neurons that have a role in producing neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters affect our mood, stress and anxiety levels. If you feel tired, stressed out, anxious, or depressed, it could be because of an unhealthy digestive tract.

colon hydrotherapyImmune Health

When a build up of bad bacteria begins to form in your colon, this can cause your immune system to slow down. When your immune system is constantly trying to fight off disease or bad bacteria, it is harder for it to fight off other germs.

Skin Conditions

Our skin is actually an organ, which means it is also affected by an unhealthy diet and poor colon health. Those with symptoms of constipation, bloating, or acid reflux is more likely to develop acne or rosacea. A diet that consists of processed foods, carbohydrates, or sugary drinks leads to poor skin.


There are thousands of different types of bacteria in your body, but not all of them are bad. However, a balance between good and bad bacteria is what is important. Bacteria in our colon can change the way our bodies store fat and whether we feel full or hungry. If we want a healthy colon, we need to have a healthy diet that balances out the bacteria.

There are many ways in which to reach a healthy digestion. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly are important, but a colonic cleanse may help as well. If you are feeling sluggish, constipated, or if you are frequently breaking out, consider colon hydrotherapy. This method uses water to loosen stool and naturally eliminates harmful bacteria from your colon. If you want a healthier colon, an improved quality of life, and to prevent further complicated illnesses, contact Total Wellness TX to learn more about cleansing your bowel with colon hydrotherapy.