Why Colon Hydrotherapy?

Our bodies are incessantly bombarded by bacteria, stress, and other detrimental derailments, and our digestive systems bear the brunt of handling these inimical internal invaders. Even with a healthy diet (and especially when we sneak those tasty  treats that may not be the absolute best for our bodies), our digestive systems’ constant activity can leave crucial parts, tissue, and cells in  weakened and vulnerable states, affording unsavory activity to take place inside your digestive tract. While numerous areas of the digestive tract can be impaired during prolonged periods of vulnerability, the colon is particularly susceptible. Moreover, our colons are responsible for handling much of the waste our bodies expel, and when that waste, mucous, and other harmful bacteria compound over time, our colons become stressed and begin to collect an overabundance of waste.


Could You Be Suffering From Constipation?

The aforementioned condition is most commonly referred to as constipation, and is a common problem for many throughout their lives. However, the condition goes largely ignored, or other invasive and harmful laxatives are used to harshly force compacted waste, mucus, and bacteria from the colon. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle, and rejuvenating process that allows the colon to be softly flushed with filtered water, removing then-softened waste through natural evacuation.  If you’re concerned you might be experiencing constipation, continue reading to learn more about colon hydrotherapy’s restorative properties.


Experience True Rejuvenation Through Colon Hydrotherapy

Constipation can be an arduous condition with which to deal, and its symptoms are rarely pleasant. Often, the bloating sensations we feel transmit from our colons, signaling signs of distress. Colon hydrotherapy gently softens and loosens the hardened, compacted stool that causes discomfort, pain, and weakened digestive function.  The process is a gentle outpatient procedure, and lasts but an hour. During this time, you’ll experience:

  • A gentle and refreshing flushing of filtered water
  • Amplified activity within the digestive tract
  • Numerous relieving emptyings of the lower colon
  • A restorative calming of the colon

The discharge of waste from the colon is performed through natural peristalsis, or, the involuntary constriction and relaxation our intestinal muscles perform which creates movements that force waste downward and outward from the colon.


Ensure A Gentler, More Pleasant Colon Hydrotherapy Experience: Drink Your Veggies!

While your hydrotherapy session is sure to be a pleasant procedure, there are additional preparative steps you can take to decrease the chance of discomfort through compounded waste’s stubborn exit from the colon. Simply, implementing increased amounts of fruits and vegetables into your diet during the days leading to your colon hydrotherapy session affords your colon a less-restrictive passing of waste. Juicing or blending your fruits and vegetables into tasty, healthy, and high-fibered drinks will slowly and naturally begin to soften, loosen, and expel impacted excreta. While the fiber, vitamins, and nutrients of your blended beverage work wonders for removing stubborn waste, they also rehydrate and reinvigorate cells that are integral to maintaining optimal colon functionality.


Reinvigorate Your Body: Experience The Cleansing Properties of Colon Hydrotherapy

Are you ready to implement one of the safest, gentlest, and most transformative cleansing processes available for optimal colon health? Reach out to us to schedule your first colon hydrotherapy session, or to learn more about the numerous services offered from Total Wellness TX.