An Introduction to Excretion

Our bodies operate as a single, large system. However, myriad smaller, intricate systems are constantly churning away within the body’s larger housing. One of the more intricate and complex systems the body boasts is the digestive system, which is responsible for taking in and then expelling food and water as waste. But before the digestive system discharges our dietary ingestions, vitamins, nutrients, and fiber are absorbed into our bodies. The material that the body is unable to absorb gets pressed through the colon. When fiber-rich foods are passed into the colon, final removal of the waste is quite effortless for the colon; through a natural process called peristalsis, our intestinal muscles involuntary constrict and relax, resulting in gentle, downward pressing towards the end of the colon, ultimately exiting the body as excreta. It’s integral to optimal colon health to keep this process the least cumbersome as possible for the colon, as keeping a clear path to excretion is tied to adequate excretion.


The Importance of A Healthy Colon

As we briefly mentioned, a clear pathway through which the waste is forced is of the utmost importance for clearing unabsorbed food and liquid from the colon. When we consume foods that are low in insoluble and soluble fiber, our digestive system must work harder to expel those foods, causing stress and distress for the colon. This distress can radiate throughout the digestive system, bringing about a host of aches, pains, and other unsavory sensations. Many of these symptoms have the potential to stem from a number of digestive issues. Often, however, the lynchpin is found in a mass of compacted waste in the colon.


The Benefits of A Colon Cleanse

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your colon clean. When our colons are clear of hardened and compacted waste, benefits abound, including:

Bowel Movement Regularity – When you choose a diet high in fiber coupled with the relieving and rejuvenating properties of a colon cleanse, not only do you feel better, but your body functions more optimally.

Ax the Lax’– Laxatives can often bring about painful bloating and abdominal distress, as well unpredictable bowel movement episodes. With a colonic cleanse, the process is complete within an hour, and is much more comfortable and restorative experience.

Decrease Chances of Colon Cancer – There’s no one, single factor that causes colon cancer. Yet, a clean colon is an excellent step in warding off cell-damaging processes that can lead to colon cancer.

Invigorate Your Mind & Body – It might sound strange, but our digestive health plays a big role in how we experience the world — and how the world affects our mood. There are numerous digestive factors that affect our moods, and a colonic cleanse is an excellent measure to take when seeking optimal digestive and mental health.


Experience True Colonic Rejuvenation

While we’ve touched upon but a fraction of the processes and benefits involved in a colon cleanse, there are myriad other positive impacts waiting to be experienced through colon hydrotherapy. Still unconvinced that a colonic cleanse is right for you? Get in touch with us today to learn more about the refreshing and restorative benefits of a colonic cleanse or one of the myriad services Total Wellness TX provides.