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Hello, friends, and welcome from Total Wellness TX!

My name is Yasmin Francis, and I am the proud owner of Total Wellness TX,  Killeen’s finest colon hydrotherapy, colon detox, and foot detox bath center. I want to thank you for joining this email list, where you’ll receive regular updates on all of the activities going on here at Total Wellness TX. Besides receiving news and updates, you’ll also regularly gain access to special discounts, perks, and other insider information.

But before we get into the truly revolutionary benefits of colon hydrotherapy, I’d like to take a moment to tell you a bit about myself, my professional endeavors, and how Total Wellness TX came to be.

A Bit of Background

In a not-so-distant previous life, I was an avid bodybuilder, spending hours a day in the gym and bombarding my body with numerous protein powders and nutritional supplements. As these supplements were ubiquitous within the bodybuilding community, I paid little attention to any side effects, as the benefits (muscle and strength gain, performance) clouded the turmoil that was raging inside my digestive tract and colon. Ultimately, the protein powders and supplements on which I relied for muscle gain and athletic performance had begun compounding and trapping food waste in my colon, signaling a host of uncomfortable sensations and complications.

In short, I was suffering from severe constipation. And I wasn’t alone; the American Gastrointestinal Association’s technical review on constipation revealed that roughly 2.5 million Americans suffer from constipation. Not only do these millions of Americans deal regularly with constipation, but also often with financially crippling ambulatory, physician, and care costs. Needless to say, I was unnerved by my diagnosis, and immediately began taking laxatives in an attempt to remedy my unsavory situation — and to no avail; rather than eliminating my condition, the laxatives worsened my symptoms, and I feared I’d inadvertently harmed my digestive system and colon. Yet just when I was becoming frustrated with the (lack of) results, my stepmother, who is an RN, suggested I try colon hydrotherapy.

I’d never heard of colon hydrotherapy, and had several questions about the process, as I was initially apprehensive of its steps. However, after speaking further with my stepmother and learning more about what to expect from a colon hydrotherapy session, my worries were alleviated. And, after my initial sessions, my constipation was cleared. Over six years later, I am now the proud owner of Total Wellness TX, and am truly convinced that our colon hydrotherapy other digestive system and detox services are positively life-changing and transformative. And now, I want you to experience these truly transformative and rejuvenative services.

Moving Forward & Upward

As part of this email list, you’ll be kept “in the loop” on all the great services, happenings, and forthcoming offerings from Total Wellness TX. We love to hear from our hydrotherapy and detox services clients, and look forward to meeting each and everyone of you! Whether you’re coming in for your first hydrotherapy session or are curious to learn more about the process or just have a few questions or concerns, please always feel welcomed to reach out to us here at Total Wellness TX. We’re excited to have you as part of our inaugural mailing list, and are looking forward to serving you and the Killeen area.

Yours in Health,

Yasmin Francis

Owner, Total Wellness TX